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We have a custom System Email Template.  On the HTML code we would like to display a paragraph only if one item in the Sales Order has a type of Download. item type = download.

This logic is at the end of the template and the problem is if we use an if statement it will only capture the last item type. Is there a way to store the type in a variable like isDownload = true when one of the item is a download. That way I can say if(isDownload).

Or something that can say if one item in the SO has a type of Download then display this paragraph.

Cesar_ Rookie Asked on August 28, 2023 in Other.
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2 Answers

Presuming this works like Advanced PDF Templates (I’ve not worked on an email template in forever), you should be able to create a variable, loop the item “list” and assign a value to your variable when you have a match.

You should then be able to evaluate your variable.

This may also help as a starting point not specific to what you want but close.

<#assign variableName = "" >
<#list transaction.item as item>
  <#if item.itemname == "desiredItemName">
    <#assign variableName = item.itemquantity >

Beginner Answered on August 28, 2023.
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