RE: Sync Digital Camera with NetSuite?

is there is a way to sync a digital camera with NetSuite? We take photos of every sales order we ship out so the idea would be for the photo to auto-upload into a sales order. Let me know if you think there is a solution or something similar.

raz12 Rookie Asked on June 18, 2020 in SuiteApps.
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Even if this was easily achievable, I would advise strongly against doing this.  Your filing cabinet space is limited.  If you exceed your storage the costs to upgrade your service to a higher tier could be substantial.  You would be better off storing photos in an external system.  A cloud storage service would be much more cost-effective.  There are some that integrate with NetSuite that could be worth looking into.

But, what is the source of these sales orders?  Are they created in NetSuite, or are they digital documents created outside of NetSuite that are printed out, then you take a photo of them?  If they are digital, I would find a way to integrate and store the original documents in NetSuite instead.  If these are hand-written sales orders, then now would perhaps be a good time to consider using NetSuite’s native Sales Orders instead, then the information would already be available in NetSuite, and no camera or photos would be needed.  This photographing process seems very time-consuming and manual, and I would find a way to eliminate or automate it using whatever technology you can.

Beginner Answered on June 18, 2020.
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