RE: Suitescript – identify Intercompany Transfer Order vs Transfer Order

Hi – We have a requirement in our suitescript to identify an Intercompany Transfer Order (ITO) from the Item Receipt object upon receiving (item receipt create). While it’s possible for us to identify a traditional TO using the ‘createdfrom’ key, we still get a false positive for ITO. For example, the following would not fail (catch) if the created from record were an ITO.

try {
id: createdFromId,
type: record.Type.TRANSFER_ORDER
} catch (error) {
title: "NOT a TransferOrder",
details: JSON.stringify(error)


Is there a way to correctly identify an ITO vs a TO from the Item Receipt level?

radrunner Rookie Asked on June 10, 2020 in SuiteScript.
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3 Answers

Check the to and from subsidiary on the transfer order, if they are different then it is intercompany?

Intermediate Answered on June 10, 2020.
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