RE: SuiteCommerce Standard – Limiting Shipping Options

EDIT – It seems like it does work, but requires a few hours for the change to take effect. Not helpful, NetSuite!

We want to limit our customers to choosing UPS on our e-comm site, but I don’t see an effective way to do this.

I have looked at the Shipping Items themselves. I tried unchecking “Display in Web Site” but the option still appears. Under Shipping Rules, I tried selecting the site and clicking “Exclude” but that seems to do nothing, either.

I can say that it will “skip” to the next item, but we don’t want the unwanted options to show up at all.

Since we’re using SCS, it would seem going about it from a developer’s standpoint would be impossible.

Am I missing something?

JMack Rookie Asked on October 3, 2019 in Best Practices.
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Yes, I edited my original post to reflect that. It seemed to take longer than expected the first time I tried it, thanks!

Rookie Answered on October 8, 2019.
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