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First of all, I appreciate any feedback that I can get on my question. My company is looking into SuiteBuilder but are concerned with if support for it is dying or if there are any talks of it coming to a end anytime soon. I did some googling but didn’t find much so I was wondering if anyone was aware of anything that may be concerning for a business who is looking to switch to utilizing it.


Thanks again

dmateski Rookie Asked on February 7, 2020 in SuiteBuilder.

I would caution you concerning their price increases year to year as well as having to upgrade your website Site Builder module to a much more expensive version like SuiteCommerce if they make Site Builder unusable to do eliminating functionality. I have used Netsuite since 2006.

on March 4, 2020.
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It sounds like you’re asking about Site Builder, not suitebuilder? Site builder is an older e-commerce platform while suitebuilder lets you bundle UI customizations, like custom roles or KPIs. The latter I don’t think it going anywhere.

NetSuite is ending support for all promotions for site builder, probably in 2022. They are not allowing new companies to sign up for site builder as well. Existing sites will probably not be forced off at a certain date, I expect NS will keep chipping away at critical functionality to get people to voluntarily move off the platform. It’s a shame because even though it’s an old platform, it can be made to work fine and is much more reasonably priced than SuiteCommerce.

More on ending promos for site builder here:

Beginner Answered on February 8, 2020.

I’ve previously upgraded one of our Sitebuilder sites by creating a custom cart and account area using SSPs and the Commerce API. We’re currently looking to switch a second site, and were planning on using Suitepromotions.

I can get a promotion to work fine in the UI but applying it using Commerce API functionality something is amiss. The promo is accepted and the cart promo data object contains a field showing “isvalid: t”, but further fields show “applicability_reason: NOT_AVAILABLE” and “applicability_status: NOT_AVAILABLE”.

I’m beginning to suspect that it’s not so much the case that Suitepromotions don’t work in Sitebuilder, but more a case of their being explicitly blocked outside the UI context unless you’ve paid for SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced.

If anyone else has experience in this area, I’d be keen to hear any comments or findings.

on February 12, 2020.
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