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I have created a custom record to use as an input/request form and trying to source from this custom record to a project entry form field.  For the life of me can’t seem to be able to do this even though I have created a parent-child relationship between the forms.  The custom record/custom record fields don’t show up in the source list.  What am I missing?  Really trying to avoid scripting since I don’t have the knowledge or the time.

tink2022 Rookie Asked on March 13, 2023 in Projects.
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If you’re trying to just have a single select field (one to one relationship), then on your custom field select “List/Record” in the Type field, and then select your custom record type in the List/Record field. If you need a one to many relationship between the project and your custom record, you need the project record as a selectable field on your record type, and then you need to make sure project is selected as a parent record.  You may need to expose the custom tab if you’ve hidden it on your form as that’s usually where things go if you didn’t specify a location for them on the forms.

Intermediate Answered on March 14, 2023.

Hi James,

I’m trying to source a checkbox being checked or not checked in the custom form in the project form.  I have tried using the List/Record Type and selecting the custom form but then get a drop down in the project form vs the checkbox.

on March 14, 2023.
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