RE: Set Up Bins for Specific Locations

Is it possible to set up bin management for some locations but not others?

I enabled bin management and set Use Bins on some items. I assumed it would only require me to specify a bin on transactions for locations I’d configured on the item record. But when I set Use Bin on the item record, it required bin detail set on transaction lines for all locations, regardless of whether I set up the location on the item record. I’d like to be able to use bins for just some locations, but not others.

mmascitto Beginner Asked on October 12, 2020 in Inventory.
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There is a use bins checkbox on the location record.

Intermediate Answered on October 12, 2020.

I guess that would have been an obvious place to check! How do I move my existing inventory into bins after I’ve enabled it? A bin transfer assumes you’re moving the inventory from an existing bin to another, so I can’t use that because this inventory has never been in a bin.

on October 12, 2020.
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