RE: Saved search: transfer order – no “From Location” data

I’m working on a saved search as a data source for an integration. I need to include the origin and destination addresses in the data, but all fields available from the “From Location Fields…” list return no data. The only way I can get the From address to show up is to use “Location Fields…” instead, and that always pulls in the To location and forces each transfer order to use two lines in the results.

  1. Do some fields hold the origin address data for a transfer order (or more generally, a transaction)? If so, which ones?
  2. Is there a restriction I can apply to Location fields that could filter on how the location is assigned to the transaction?
evvywevvy Rookie Asked on March 4, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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Origin data is in Location Fields. Would you send over the filters and results? I’ve tried this and received a single line per transaction.

Beginner Answered on March 16, 2020.
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