RE: Sales Order Default Template Changes to Diff Template When Saved/Edited

Anyone had an issue with a Sales Order Template assigned to a role switches to a different Sales Order Template when it’s saved or edited?  I have a client who has a SO template assigned to a role and the template is correct when new SO is selected, but when saved/edited the template saves as a different template for a different role.

mrev Rookie Asked on January 7, 2020 in SuiteBuilder.

UPDATE:  The issue was related to a random workflow that no one seems to know why it was added.  Changed the status to Not Initiating and it solved the problem.  Thanks!

on January 10, 2020.
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2 Answers

Is “store form with record” checked on the form definition?

Or are one of the roles restricted to a specific form?

Advanced Answered on January 7, 2020.
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