RE: REST API to upsert invoice line items

I need to be able to upsert line items in a NetSuite invoice with updated information from an external system.

I’ve tried to apply an internalId and externalId to the line item so I can target for update, however it doesn’t appear to be saved against the line item when GETing it back from the API.


My invoice creation payload is

"tranDate": "2021-07-12", 
"dueDate": "2021-07-19", 
"externalId": "sysA_INV-34698", 
"amountPaid": 0, 
"entity": {
    "id": 3127
"item": {
    "items": [ 
            "item": { 
                "id": 374
            "internalId": "sysA_INV-34698_JOBID-4875398"
            "quantity": 1, 
            "rate": 534.54


any ideas how I can update/upsert a line item, or do I have to delete all items and re add them every time?

CousinLarry Rookie Asked on July 12, 2021 in SuiteCloud.
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3 Answers

Right thanks – so the flow would be (Option 1)

  1. Get all line items of the invoice using the endpoint at GET /record/v1/invoice/3210/item
  2. Query each one (endpoint: GET  /record/v1/invoice/3210/item/15, 16, 17, etc) and figure out if any change needs to be applied
  3. Make the change using  PUT on /record/v1/invoice/3210/item/15, 16, 17, etc

Or Option 2, I could just

  1. Delete all line items
  2. Recreate them

Are there any disadvantages to doing Option 2?

Rookie Answered on July 12, 2021.
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