RE: REST API invoice record filtering

According to the metadata catalog / swagger:


It should be possible to filter on the "status" column.

The statuses of our test invoices are:

["Paid In Full", "Open", "Pending Approval", "Rejected"]

But when we try to filter we don't receive any records:

I, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.403779 #50187] INFO -- : get
D, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.406444 #50187] DEBUG -- : [httplog] Sending: GET
D, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.406680 #50187] DEBUG -- : [httplog] Data: 
ETHON: performed EASY effective_url= response_code=200 return_code=ok total_time=0.439834
D, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.848226 #50187] DEBUG -- : [httplog] Status: 0
D, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.848439 #50187] DEBUG -- : [httplog] Benchmark: 0.441168 seconds
D, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.848654 #50187] DEBUG -- : [httplog] Response: (not showing binary data)
I, [2020-06-25T10:53:48.848881 #50187] INFO -- Status: 200
=> "{\"links\":[{\"rel\":\"self\",\"href\":\"\"}],\"count\":0,\"hasMore\":false,\"items\":[],\"offset\":0,\"totalResults\":0}\n"

Is this broken?
Laurens Rookie Asked on June 25, 2020 in SuiteTalk.
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Its badly documented and has surprisingly bad metadata. The values for the query should match Transaction Statuses for SuiteScript Search Filters.

Advanced Answered on June 25, 2020.

Dear battk,

Thanks again.

Is it also possible to filter invoices by subsidiary? Is it possible to filter records by a subrecord/relation?

Something like this:

GET response_code=400 return_code=ok total_time=0.38531899999999997

OAuth2::Error: {“type”:”″,”title”:”Invalid search query Field ‘subsidiary’ for record ‘transaction’ was not found. Reason: NOT_EXPOSED – Field is marked as internal for channel SEARCH.”,”status”:400,”o:errorCode”:”INVALID_PARAMETER”}

on June 30, 2020.


When doing the same with SuiteQL no records are returned. Any idea why?


Data: {“q”:”SELECT id FROM transaction WHERE status = ‘CustInvc:A'”} 


{“links”=> [{“rel”=>”self”, “href”=>””}], “count”=>0, “hasMore”=>false, “items”=>[], “offset”=>0, “totalResults”=>0}

on July 2, 2020.
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