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I am currently try to print Thermal shipping labels on a ZD420. I have been trying to get the “Printing Integrated Shipping Labels With a Thermal Printer” option set up in Oracle, but have been hitting a road block. I have completely followed the instructions, but can only get the labels to print if I open the download folder and “drag and drop” the generated file onto the Bat file I was instructed to create. Printer is currently hooked up via USB, firewalls and antivirus have been shut off, and I get the same results in any kind of web browser. Any advice on what I can try to make them print once the file finishes downloading? Thanks

Tball Rookie Asked on April 12, 2021 in Administration.
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2 Answers

I use a third-party application called Folder Mill.

A lot of the other methods to get the .ZPL/ .EPL /etc. labels to print don’t always work.

The free version of FolderMill isn’t the best since it forces a cover page with their logo to print, however, it has made life much easier for printing out thermal printer labels.

Rookie Answered on July 9, 2021.
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