RE: Performance Saving a new Supplier Bill

We’re experiencing performance issues especially regarding saving supplier bills  with our NetSuite ERP.


APM shows  AVG 14 secs.  We do have a WF running, but most delay seems to be coming form server.


What may NetSuite users expect, when saving a bill with some kind of WF running? Where can we find these kind of “promised reposnse times”

popescu Rookie Asked on January 28, 2022 in Performance.
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Keep in mind that any kind of popup alert that you have also pause the script execution and is figured into the total time.

On the bottom portion of your screen above,  hover over the “Page Time Details” on the right side and click on the option in that column that you have highlighted in red.  If you see big gaps as I have circled in the image below,  this could be a popup telling the customer something, or an alert saying they need to fill out additional mandatory fields before submitting.   These are browser-caused delays that I have discovered on my end that are user-facing.

As an example, I discovered that one record had a large standard deviation while saving,  this was caused by a popup that some users closed immediately and others closed after reading.  The data in the popup was outdated and was not relevant.  Removing the popup brought the standard deviation closer to zero and increased the processing time by a few seconds since the popup never showed up.


RE: Performance Saving a new Supplier Bill

Rookie Answered on February 1, 2022.
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