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Hello everyone!

I have some questions regarding NS, Avalara and the SST stuff…. does anyone know the answers to these or have a slack group or another resource, like a reddit page or facebook group or something that might be able to help me?

I had a call with my Avalara rep but they weren’t too much help with this:


1.  The SST technical requirements indicate that customers “must map items to AvaTax tax codes”.  Can selecting the “UPC using as item code as the item code” work for this?
2.  The SST exemption requirements require that each individual customer be set up in the exemptions tab, for each applicable state to correctly exempt a sales order (invoice, cash sale).  If you are using EDI to set up customers and create sales orders at the same time, how are you adding the new customer data into the AvaTax exemption data base in time to apply the exemption to the sales order created?   We have thousands of government customers and they are all exempt.


Let me know! Thank you!

iybailey Rookie Asked on May 4, 2020 in Taxation.
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Sorry, what do you mean for EDI? Anyway I would say that you should create SO as pending approval if you have this config in EDI. Then you create a UE script in where you set the status “approved” if the customer already exist (so already excluded if needed).  In my case I would also create a UE script in the exclusion list (if possible) so that when you add / remove a customer you can schedule a M/R script which approve all orders of the customer. (and so basically change the impact of taxation together with the approval)


Rookie Answered on May 5, 2020.
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