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My company is currently in the middle of transitioning to NetSuite with go live scheduled for Septemeber. I have a lot of custom automation built with the Rest API of our current ERP.

As I start to learn Netsuite it seems like integrating is a whole different beast. It seems like the documentation is far less useful than API docs I’m used to. Also finding the best way to create records in the system from an outside application is murky process. So a few questions:

  • Is the Rest API as ready and usable as most modern rest apis?
  • Is the Rest API the best way to created orders in the system from an outside app?
  • I’m introducing myself to Restlets. How should Restlets come into play for the integration process with NetSuite.
  • Would anybody be willing to jump on a call to let me pick their brain and understand my options better?

Happy to clarify and dive deeper into anything! Hopefully y’all can help me get some answers!

logancornelius Rookie Asked on June 1, 2020 in SuiteTalk.
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2 Answers

All record types not related to SuiteBilling are still in beta for REST web services. For example, salesOrder has beta support.

Your primary integration options are

  • CSV Import – A csv file based import process which should be your primary option for one time or manual imports into NetSuite.
  • SuiteTalk SOAP Web Services – The old and stable integration option based on mostly standard SOAP. Suffers from being built on SOAP, which only makes sense to use with tooling support. This would be the option I recommend if you don’t want to do a RESTlet based approach and want to integrate now.
  • SuiteTalk REST Web Services – The new shiny beta integration option. Is fairly modern. Is a reasonable option if you aren’t worried about the betaness or the sparse documentation.
  • RESTlets – The build it yourself option. Allows you to use NetSuite’s built in scripting platform to build a purpose built integration endpont. Generally is more powerful than the other integration options, in particular it is much better at searching. Requires you to learn SuiteScript and to write your own server side script. Will require much more work upfront.

You will probably be better served by asking on the NetSuite Professionals Slack Community if you want a conversation.

Advanced Answered on June 1, 2020.
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