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Hi Everyone,

I am attempting to create a data connector that can access and ingest data from the Datasource.
I am using the JDBC driver to do so, but I have hit a stumbling block.
When connecting to the datasource using the username and password I have success.
I understand that to connect to TBA is the supported method. However when using ‘TBA’ as the username followed by the token password as the password I get the following error message
‘[NetSuite][SuiteAnalytics Connect JDBC Driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine]Failed to login using TBA. Error ticket# l6p3094icqgte94lec5d[232]’

Would anybody be able to provide some assistance?

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Does anyone know how to fix this?

I also want to use ODBC with as a source but am not able to generate a signature for the TBA.


Many thanks,

Rookie Answered on August 30, 2022.
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