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Hi all

i have existing netsuite that was developed for some years.

I would like to change the manual process of deploying new version to prod.

i want to create automatic release process of new versions to each environment.

and i have some questions ?

1, is any one knows a good tool , or product that can assist ?

2. what  is the best practice of release process for netsuite ?

3. i read about SDF tool, is there any tutorial how to do it with SDF ?


ronyvain Rookie Asked on March 7, 2022 in Best Practices.
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2 Answers

Hi Rony,

Congratulations on your interest in standardising your Netsuite release processes.  I hope I’m not too late to the party.

You have a couple of options here:

As you rightly mentioned SDF is the gateway to automated deployments and Netsuite infrastructure as code.  My favourite version is the NPM package.  While plugins exist for major IDEs if you plan on automating testing and deployments then you’ll likely need to operate the CLI version at some stage.

I would say any generic high level continuous integration/development best practices also apply to Netsuite releases.  Having said that here are a couple of resources for inspiration:

  • One way of achieving Netsuite continuous integration using git, SDF, Docker and Node FS – going this custom route has its challenges
  • For a full on Netsuite change management solution I highly recommend Salto (recently tried it myself and I’m sold) – it abstracts a lot of the challenges posed by automating deployments with SDF away, and provides all the features you need for establishing industry standard test/release processes.  It makes managing your Netsuite environments really easy, whether it’s:

                            => priming dev/sandbox accs with customizations and record data to facilitate proper development and UAT 

                            => cross-comparing the state and dependencies of custom objects between your different environments

                            => copying and deploying customizations reliably from one account to the other.

Regarding SDF tutorials, I would encourage you to start a new account customization project using the npm package and start playing around with importing and deploying files and custom objects.  Or take the path of least resistance and try using a tool like Salto.

Hope this helps, and good luck!




Rookie Answered on August 3, 2022.
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