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Hello all,

I am working a a saved search formula to get transactions per hour per day for January 2021 to start. Columns would be location (one location to test), day of the week, total # of transactions, and transactions per hour for that day.

Results are set as follow:

Location (grouped)

Formula(text) TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’) (grouped)

Document # (count)

Formula(numeric) (sum)

WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘SUNDAY’ THEN 1/40
WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘MONDAY’ THEN 1/44
WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘TUESDAY’ THEN 1/44
WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘WEDNESDAY’ THEN 1/44
WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘THURSDAY’ THEN 1/44
WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘FRIDAY’ THEN 1/55
WHEN (TO_CHAR({trandate},’DAY’)) = ‘SATURDAY’ THEN 1/55

The denominator of the fractions represent the total operational hours for jan 2021. The issue is WEDNESDAY is the only day that returns anything above 0 and I can’t figure out why. Any help is much appreciated!

d_a_v_i_d Rookie Asked on May 7, 2021 in Saved Searches.
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Nevermind, I used a different parameter ‘D’ and associated numeric value ‘1’, ‘2’, etc. and got the search to return the correct values. Strange…

Rookie Answered on May 7, 2021.
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