RE: Multi-location Inventory Error (MLI_LOCATION_REQUIRED Error

Hi All,

Have facing the Multi-location Inventory Error (MLI_LOCATION_REQUIRED error in the netsuite and tried to find the soultion but nothing worked.

I have a transaction and trying to mark that as Mark as Shipped ,but when I click on that button am getting the errror:

Multi-location Inventory Error (MLI_LOCATION_REQUIRED): this transaction or its items must have locations.r/Netsuite - Multi-location Inventory Error (MLI_LOCATION_REQUIRED Error

Any suggestion would be helpful / or any leads.

thomas Rookie Asked on April 4, 2023 in SuiteCloud IDE.
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1 Answers

From my interpretation of that error message, the item itself doesn’t have any locations and/or no location specified on the transaction itself. Is there any when checking?

Beginner Answered on August 10, 2023.
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