RE: Make Authentication to Net Suite Environment


For establishing connection to NetSuite , the following code was used

var OriginalUri = new System.Uri(nsService.Url);
if (account == null || account.Length == 0)
account = “empty”;
DataCenterUrls urls = nsService.getDataCenterUrls(account).dataCenterUrls;
Uri dataCenterUri = new Uri(urls.webservicesDomain + OriginalUri.PathAndQuery);
nsService.Url = dataCenterUri.ToString();

in this part : DataCenterUrls urls = nsService.getDataCenterUrls(account).dataCenterUrls; we transfer NetSuite Account ID in variable account and it always has returned  dataCenterUrls

Make Authentication yo Net Suite Environment

But for one of our clients this code : nsService.getDataCenterUrls(account).dataCenterUrls; returned null

I checked account ID several times and still can not get what is the cause of the problem.

Make Authentication yo Net Suite Environment


What should I check ? Thanks in advance !

Ivan Rookie Asked on November 15, 2022 in How To's.
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Could you inspect nsService.getDataCenterUrls(account), as opposed to nsService.getDataCenterUrls(account).dataCenterUrls.

Also, has this account definitely for web services turned on? Not sure if that would cause this but thinking out loud.



Intermediate Answered on November 17, 2022.
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