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Who can link the #IR to the bill? How do you link this to the bill?

Hiral Rookie Asked on January 15, 2020 in Accounting.
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Typically the Item Receipt is associated with the Purchase Order, not the Bill, since you receive against the PO.  When you create a bill only with items on it (and you don’t create a PO), you are skipping the receipt step entirely, when you assign the location on the bill for where the inventory will go.

If you need to create the bill in advance of receipt that is an option in the Accounting Preferences on the Order Management tab.  However, you still process the receipt against the PO.

If you need to do reporting on which bill is associated with which receipt, check out “To determine the relationship between Bills and Item Receipt” SuiteAnswers Id: 66648, however to reiterate, there’s no actual direct link between the Receipt and the Bill that gets assigned.

Intermediate Answered on January 15, 2020.
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