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Is it possible to use a Matrix Item parent on a Customer Item Pricing sublist to apply the correct pricing when any of the Matrix Item children are selected on a Transaction? Currently we’re left having to add every variation of an item to the Customer Item Pricing sublist along with the corresponding Price Level. We’ve managed to speed this up by some clever copying and pasting and CSV Import, but I’d love to find out I’m missing something that could make this easier to implement.

mbrazil Rookie Asked on December 12, 2019 in Inventory.
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I’m pretty sure that you need to update all of the prices on all of the child items as you are doing currently. You might be able to setup something a bit more convenient for updating the prices with scripting though.

Beginner Answered on December 13, 2019.

Hey Brad. Thanks for the response. I’ve kicked around a few ideas on how to implement a scripted approach. To be clear though, I’m not looking to update the Customer’s Pricing for an Item – that information is already captured by using a Price Level named after the Customer. The issue here is mapping the Item to the Customer along with the Price Level leveraging the Item Pricing sublist under the Financials tab of the Customer record. The way Matrix Items are described, it would suggest that adding the parent item to the Item Pricing sublist on the Customer record would apply the correct Price Level when a Matrix Child Item is selected on a Transaction record associated with that Customer. Admittedly, I may simply be expecting too much from the Matrix Items feature here. Thanks again.

on December 13, 2019.
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