RE: I am redirecting to Script Deployment while Proposing Asset

I am trying to propose an Asset so for that I am going to navigation :

Fixed Asset > Transaction > Asset Proposal

But it is Redirecting me to Script Deployment Page.

Whats the solution for this.

ashwinji Beginner Asked on October 7, 2023 in Fixed Asset Management.
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1 Answers

I don’t think this is typical behavior. Did you just install fixed assets? I’d likely try un-installing and re-installing if that’s feasible, or contacting NetSuite support first to see what they say, if re-installation is going to be onerous.  The only non-bug explanation I can think for why this would happen is if your center type got updated to repoint that menu options.  You could search “page: FAM Asset Proposal Su” in the global search bar and see if that gets you there (it gets me to the same page that the navigation path you described gets me to).

Intermediate Answered on October 10, 2023.
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