RE: How to write script to avoid duplicate record creation before record submit using suitescript 2.0

I want to create a user event script to avoid custom record creation if record is duplicate.

Also this custom record is being attached to another custom record. I have to stop from creating and attaching custom duplicate record.

Please Help!!

Maira S Beginner Asked on February 23, 2023 in SuiteScript.
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10 Answers

You need to define your function before you call it.

Declaring it outside of beforeSubmit keeps things nice and neat:

 *@NApiVersion 2.x
 *@NScriptType UserEventScript
define(['N/record', 'N/email', 'N/url', 'N/runtime', 'N/search', 'N/ui/serverWidget'],
function(record, email, url, runtime, search, serverWidget) {
    function CheckDuplicate(){
        var res=[];
        var customrecord_gbs_tax_rule_expt_nexusSearchObj = search.create({
            type: "customrecord_gbs_tax_rule_expt_nexus",
                    search.createColumn({name: "internalid", label: "Internal ID"}),
                    search.createColumn({name: "custrecord_gbs_tren_expt_nexus", label: "Exempt Nexus"})
        var searchResultCount = customrecord_gbs_tax_rule_expt_nexusSearchObj.runPaged().count;
        //log.debug("expensereportSearchObj result count",searchResultCount);
        // alert('Expenses Count: '+searchResultCount);{
            // .run().each has a limit of 4,000 results
            var category=result.getValue({name:"expensedate"});
            var exemptNexus =result.getValue({name:"expensecategory"});
            //if( != recordId){// Exclude the current record
            return true;
        return res;
Intermediate Answered on February 23, 2023.
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