RE: How to write script to avoid duplicate record creation before record submit using suitescript 2.0

I want to create a user event script to avoid custom record creation if record is duplicate.

Also this custom record is being attached to another custom record. I have to stop from creating and attaching custom duplicate record.

Please Help!!

Maira S Beginner Asked on February 23, 2023 in SuiteScript.
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10 Answers
const beforeSubmit = (scriptContext) => {
    let field1 = scriptContext.newRecord.getValue({fieldId: 'custrecord_field1'});
    let field2 = scriptContext.newRecord.getValue({fieldId: 'custrecord_field2'});
let existing_record = false;
search.create({ type: 'customrecord_my_record', columns: ['internalid'],
filters: [
['custrecord_field1', search.Operator.IS, field1],
['custrecord_field2', search.Operator.IS, field2],
}).run().each((result) => {
existing_record = true;

return false;
if (existing_record) {
throw error.create({...})
Intermediate Answered on February 23, 2023.
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