RE: How to Find an Object Key Value Inside an Array

Hi, does anyone know how to find an object key value inside an array? For instance, if I have an array of objects called records.

var records = [{

id: 12345

type: transaction


If I want to check this array to see if there’s an object that contains the ID “12345”, how would I do that? Is there a way without looping through the whole array? I know I can use the array.includes method to find a value inside a regular array. But that doesn’t seem to work because I’m looking for an object key value inside an array.

mmascitto Beginner Asked on October 31, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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2 Answers

Also, if you load the lodash library in, you can use the _.find function. In general, that whole library can be very useful.

Beginner Answered on October 31, 2019.
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