RE: How much does NetSuite implementation cost?

I just want to know the cost and how much customizations and integrations can be applied when implementing netsuite, the cost is around about 25k$.

chrislooper Rookie Asked on October 24, 2022 in Best Practices.
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There is a lot to be considered when it comes to the cost of an implementation. First is the SKU and modules that you have purchased from NetSuite, each has it’s own setup and average time allotted for that configuration. Once you have your foundation, then you can start adding customizations and integrations, however, each will have time/cost associated. 25k would be considered a budget implementation but with the right partner, you would be able to accomplish everything that you need. If you have the Financials First Std SKU and no advanced modules, then you could do decent customization and a few integrations. I’ve done several implementations and as long as you don’t expect a ton of documentation and SOPs then it should be possible to implement with your budget.

Beginner Answered on October 24, 2022.
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