RE: How do I get Select field values?

I have a Suitelet page where I created a few form fields. I have these Select fields sourcing from records. What I would like to do is store the Select value in a variable so I can pass it into a Saved Search I am running elsewhere in the script. How do I store a Select choice in a var the Suitescript way? Thanks in advance!

code snippet:

const onRequest = (scriptContext) => {

    if (scriptContext.request.method === “GET”) {
      // this creates the form for the page
      let form = serverWidget.createForm({
        title: “Disconnect Inventory Page”,
      // Select Site Location Form
      let locationForm = form.addField({
        id: “custrecord_ec_site_identifier”,
        type: serverWidget.FieldType.SELECT,
        label: “Select Site Location”,
        source: “Location”,
      locationForm.isMandatory = true;
      // Customer Select
      let customerSelect = form.addField({
        id: “custrecord_customer_select”,
        type: serverWidget.FieldType.SELECT,
        label: “Select Customer”,
        source: “Customer”,
      customerSelect.isMandatory = true;
      //  Inventory Type Select – Cabinet or Power Circuit
      let invTypeSelect = form.addField({
        id: “custrecord_inv_type_select”,
        type: serverWidget.FieldType.SELECT,
        label: “Select Inventory Type”,
      invTypeSelect.isMandatory = true;
var currentSiteSelection = scriptContext.request.parameters.custrecord_ec_site_identifier;
      title: “currentSiteSelection”,
      details: currentSiteSelection,

emericas1 Rookie Asked on January 17, 2023 in SuiteScript.
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You have two choices here:

  1. Add a submit button and you will see the selection POSTed back to the Suitelet.
  2. Add a Client Script with a fieldChanged endpoint to handle the change dynamically.

Let me know if you need any further details.



Intermediate Answered on January 24, 2023.
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