RE: Getting 500 error code while using https.get API in Suitelet Script

I want to call user event script from suitelet. I am using https.get API. But Getting error code 500. Below is my code:

*@NApiVersion 2.x
*@NScriptType UserEventScript
define ( [‘N/record’,’N/search’,’N/ui/dialog’,’N/https’,’N/url’,’N/currentRecord’,’N/http’,’N/format’] ,
function(record,search,dialog, https,url, currentRecord,http,format) {

function afterSubmit(context) {

if(context.type == ‘create’ || context.type == ‘edit’){
var rec=context.newRecord;
//Load Work order
var work_Order_obj = record.load({
type: record.Type.WORK_ORDER,
id: recId,
isDynamic: true

//Get Document Number
var docNumber = work_Order_obj.getValue({
fieldId: ‘tranid’

var suiteLetURL = url.resolveScript({
deploymentId: ‘customdeploy_suitelet_work_order_issue’,
scriptId: ‘customscript_suitelet_work_order_issue’,
returnExternalUrl: true,
params: {‘internalId’: recId, ‘documentNumber’:docNumber}
log.debug(‘suiteLetURL’, suiteLetURL);

var request = https.get({
url: suiteLetURL



return {
// beforeLoad: myBeforeLoad,
//beforeSubmit: beforeSubmit,
afterSubmit: afterSubmit

Maira S Beginner Asked on February 15, 2023 in SuiteScript.
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7 Answers

Is the Suitelet set to “Available without Login”?

Intermediate Answered on February 15, 2023.
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