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Hi NetSuite community,

I am trying to look for a better tool when it comes to forecasting and creating POs within NetSuite. At the moment, I use Excel, but having 3 locations and 1,500 line items is getting hard to predict – it takes me about 3 days from forecasting to sending POs.

I’ve talked to Anaplan, Blue ridge, Demand Driven, and Valogix. All have different price ranges and was wondering if anybody had some feedback about them?

We also have demand planning and supply planning that comes natively with NetSuite, but I have not had much time to use those tools, and from what I remember when I got trained with Netsuite, those help create POs, not to forecast.

Anyways, any help or direction here would be very helpful.

Thank you!


JuanVives Rookie Asked on July 7, 2020 in Purchasing.
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I don’t have any insight into the other tools, but I am one of the developers at Demand Driven Tech.   Using the Netsuite offered demand/supply planning might be able to work for you if you had a rather small sku size and simple supply chain (sounds like you might have outgrown it).  Pulling your data outta netsuite to figure out what to order is a very common practice (until people get something more sophisticated), so don’t think you are alone.

I do not know where you got in your talks with us, but feel free to DM on the slack channel with any questions/thoughts… @Sandii on the slack channel.

Intermediate Answered on July 7, 2020.
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