RE: Filter or Query itemFulfillment using REST API

How do I request the set of related itemFulfillments for a given SalesOrder using the REST API?
I know I need to create the request based on the field, but I do not know how to structure the request.

Here is what I’ve tried:

GET .../itemFulfillment?q=createdFrom IS 10000
Invalid search query Field 'createdFrom' for record 'transaction' was not found..
POST .../suiteql?limit=1&offset=0
requestBody: {"q": "SELECT id FROM itemFulfillment WHERE createdFrom='10000'"}
Invalid search query Search error occurred: Record 'itemFulfillment' was not found..
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2 Answers

There is no straight forward answer for this.  It seems the only way is to query the transaction table and filter by type as well as matching the Sales order ID.
There is an answer to this on this other NetSuite Professionals posted question.

Rookie Answered on May 19, 2020.
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