RE: email.send() throws UNEXPECTED_ERROR in Release Preview Account

Hi everyone , I have encountered this error
{"type":"error.SuiteScriptError","name":"UNEXPECTED_ERROR","message":null,"stack":["doSendEmail(N/email)","sendMail(/SuiteScripts/Webhive/ma_test_email.js:279)","takeAction(/SuiteScripts/Webhive/ma_test_email.js:61)"],"cause":{"type":"internal error","code":"UNEXPECTED_ERROR","details":null,"userEvent":"aftersubmit","stackTrace":["doSendEmail(N/email)","sendMail(/SuiteScripts/Webhive/ma_test_email.js:279)","takeAction(/SuiteScripts/Webhive/ma_test_email.js:61)"],"notifyOff":false},"id":"73e7f964-e577-4ddb-bf47-e2ff1eb58a3c-2d323032302e30392e3135","notifyOff":false,"userFacing":false} on
author: mailAuthor,
recipients: mailRecipient,
subject: template.subject,
body: template.body

in Release Preview Account.  None of arguments ( mailAuthor,mailRecepient,template.subject, template.body ) are EMPTY.
The same code is running perfectly fine in SANDBOX and PRODUCTION Environment , It only throws error in RELEASE PREVIEW. Does anyone has any idea about this . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Ahmed Beginner Asked on September 15, 2020 in SuiteScript.
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2 Answers

Sending frequent emails from RP or sandbox account is not allowed. If emails are not send please check communication subtab you will have sent email but not received by recipient.

Beginner Answered on September 19, 2020.
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