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My company are towards the end of our implementation process and one of the last things we’re tackling are custom PDF template’s. Due to a few different reasons, we require a way to be able to edit the data after the template is generated. This doesn’t have to be done as a PDF, it could be done within NetSuite or converted to a word/excel document instead of a PDF.

We’ve been told this isn’t possible. It seems slightly odd to me that something that is in our current 20 year old system isn’t possible within NetSuite. I understand the user could just go back into the project, edit the fields and then preview the document again however it’s a step backwards from our current system.

I was wondering if anyone have had anything similar required for their companies? And if so, how was it done?



cjegan Rookie Asked on February 12, 2020 in Projects.
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I may be missing the root of your question, but the most likely resolution would be to create multiple templates depending on the type of changes you are trying to make.


The PDF system is made to be as automated as much as possible so interfering with templates that have been setup is in itself a step backwards in my opinion..


The solution I would suggest would be to look at what needs to be changed most often, and either change the template or change the way that the data is moved to the template. Make multiple templates as needed, etc.


Beginner Answered on February 12, 2020.
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