RE: download HTTP response status code 500

receive PrintJob id 734712368; download HTTP response status code 500. as error message from  print node apps after lunching the print action from mobile wms label print

please help


fharrache2003 Rookie Asked on July 23, 2020 in Mobile.
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For anyone else who gets this same error:
The issue was that NS requires both the Local (192.168….) and the Public IP addresses to be whitelisted. Whitelisting your public IP will resolve this specific problem.

The need for both IPs is not clearly indicated in the documentation.

It looks like the Local IP address is used to get the printer list and the Public IP address is used to send the file to the printers from NS, so I suppose it makes sense.


While we’re on the NS WMS : PrintNode subject, they also don’t specify the API URLs. You can get this from the PrintNode API documentation, but I’ll paste them below. It’s always possible they could change over time, but it would be nice to have an example in the NetSuite documentation. Maybe in a future update to their SuiteAnswers.

API URL for getting printers:

API URL for getting print jobs:

Rookie Answered on September 14, 2020.

Setting up the WMS/Ship Central apps for testing and can confirm as of 11.27.2023 this is still not documented.  Your comment has been more helpful than any NS doc ever will be.

on November 27, 2023.
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