RE: Doubled Amounts in Saved Search

I have been working on a saved search to display a listing of items (Inventory, Assembly, Kit/Package) that have sold/been fulfilled over the last 12 months at one location.

Specifically looking for the Item, Reorder Point, # of Fulfillments (12 mon), # Items Fulfilled (12 mon), #Items Fulfilled (over each mon), among other things. Using resources from classes, found online, etc. I have built the search. My criteria and results fields are shown on the attached images.

Am using Main Line either, as True or False both seem to remove items and change counts.

I am summarizing the results; although if there is a way to simplify it (e.g. via the use of SUM or COUNT type formulas) vs having to summarize the details down, that would be great too. I am grouping by item, counting the fulfillment records, and summing the item amounts for the year and months.

I am facing some problems. First, I am finding that some items are showing double the amounts on the Summary, as compared to the Detail of the item. Some items are not being doubled though. In a check of a few items, I see that 3 items being doubled are Inventory Items, measured in “each” and I see 3 items – a Kit/Package, an Assembly (“each”) and an Inventory Item (“yard”) not being doubled.

Second, we want to look at the reorder point too, but the number the system is displaying is double what it is set to for the location. I think the system is adding up the reorder points for two locations. I’m currently “fixing” this by dividing the RO by 2. And I’ve tried all location changes to criteria I can think of to fix.

I’ve tried every avenue I can think of or find online (have spent many hours thus far searching/trying) thus far to resolve the issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m only a month with this company and in using NetSuite, and my tasks revolve around these searches to help the business. So I still have lots to learn and refine. Thanks.

RE: Doubled Amounts in Saved Search

RE: Doubled Amounts in Saved Search

RE: Doubled Amounts in Saved Search

EricK81 Rookie Asked on September 24, 2021 in Saved Searches.
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Firstly, thank you for the detailed question and screenshots – a lot of the time on here we don’t get much more than the title question!

I suspect that the issue here comes down to the number of lines that underpin a IF.

This can vary based on account setting so could you please share a couple of GL Impacts and also show us how these are appearing in the Saved Search results?

I’m confident that it’ll be just a case of adding some further criteria but it can be difficult to determine exactly what!



Intermediate Answered on September 25, 2021.
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