RE: Did Docusign just break something?

I’m getting a ton of Suitescript errors now all over NS.  My finance director can’t create new accounts – my shipping team can’t ship in NS.  I haven’t touched this integration or been working with scripts/workflows – so this is pretty random.

Anyone seeing the same?


Bundle Name: DocuSign for NetSuite
Environment: Production
Date & Time: 08/11/2020 03:24 pm
Record Type: Item Fulfillment
Internal ID: 282055
Execution Time: 0.00s
Script Usage: 0
Script: DocuSign UI
Type: User Event
Function: addDocuSignUIElements

MFish Rookie Asked on August 11, 2020 in SuiteBundler.
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Seems to have resolved itself – showing some sort of issue with the central data center.  Not sure why we’re central being based in SF, but there we go.

Rookie Answered on August 11, 2020.
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