RE: dialog.confirm for save record




returns a promise, and continues script execution regardless of users input (yes,no).

Normally I would use Javascript native confirm, but in this case I need to add url link to the confirm message, which is imposible with confirm.


I have no idea how to make jQuery-ui work in client script on saverecord action, and didn’t find any good solutions online.

Dose anyone have a suggestion how i can have a confirm dialog box, on save record action that will contain a url in its message ?

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2 Answers

@elaineCCruz in my post i already said why JS confirm dosen’t work for me…. Anyway, i got it done with jQuery ui, its a bit of an overkill for simple link in pop-up, but gets the job done.

Rookie Answered on June 4, 2022.

Do you mind sharing the code you used to get this to work with Jquery UI. I am also running into this exact issue.



on April 23, 2024.
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