RE: Custom Print Button in Inventory Transfer


I need some guidance in setting up a custom print button in the inventory transfer form, I see the form has the printing field but the form itself doesn’t have the print button.

Any help would be appreciated.

jomtos Rookie Asked on May 12, 2022 in SuiteScript.
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To do the actual printing you’ll need to use that client script function to call a Suitelet and in the Suitelet, do something like this:

let renderer = render.create();
renderer.setTemplateById({ id:123 });
    name: 'Content-Type:',
    value: 'application/pdf'
    name: 'Content-Disposition',
    value: 'inline; filename=‚ÄĚTest.pdf"'
Intermediate Answered on May 17, 2022.
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