RE: Changing default item fields

hi guys, have you ever tried to change the default amount field in your sales order?

I wanna update the formula and include QTY1*QTY2*Rate = Amount.

I have been trying to reach the amount field but I can’t find it through Customization>List, Records, Fields

thanks for any tips



marifc Rookie Asked on January 18, 2023 in Partners.
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2 Answers

Hi Marifc,

May be this will help you!

You can add two custom fields in the sales order line level Qty1 & Qty2 which are integer fields and you can disable the actual Quantity field. Using workflow when ever user enter the  Qty1 & Qty2 values using the Set field value action in workflow you can set the actual Quantity field value.

Beginner Answered on February 9, 2023.
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