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I’ve been a CPA for 15 years and a controller for 10.5 and also have a background in public accounting.  I feel I am very qualified for a number of roles, but I have spent the past year working exclusively as a fractional controller for NetSuite clients.  My current role was changed, so I’m ready to move on.  I would love to stay in the NetSuite realm, and more specifically as a consultant.  I’ve been looking and looking, but I’m finding that I do not have the minimum experience for what I would like to do, so believe I’m going to have to take somewhat of a step backwards and accept a role that’s not necessarily commensurate with my years of experience as a whole.

Wondering how other folks got into the consulting industry…and bonus if you know of anyone who might be hiring for a more junior level role and would be willing to train and provide opportunities for growth.

MeganL Rookie Asked on August 17, 2022 in Jobs.
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Hi Megan,

In Europe your Finance background would be considered an strong asset. It will likely be similar where you are from.
Most consultants I know do not have that strong a Finance background so this will work in your favor.
With the current applicant shortage you should be able to leverage that quite a bit.

Indicating on LinkedIn that you’re open to work and try and find recruiters that deal with NetSuite consultants.
They will be more than willing to help 🙂 (they wil try to sell you cheap though)
You have to weigh the risk of your employer finding out versus your wish to do something new.

Tip: ignore the experience required. They always ask something they can’t get.
The most important thing is that you present yourself confidently in any conversation you have.
Have as many conversations and job interviews as you can.
This will teach you what the customer really wants/needs/has in store for you.
Be ready to hear a lot of No’s and be cool with that.
Be ready to say No yourself too.
Assess your value (glassdoor etc) and refuse to work for a bottom price.

Along the way you will know when it is right.

Try to read up and experiment as much as you can about consultancy and how consultants work in NetSuite.

Good luck!


Rookie Answered on August 18, 2022.
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