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I’ve been a CPA for 15 years and a controller for 10.5 and also have a background in public accounting.  I feel I am very qualified for a number of roles, but I have spent the past year working exclusively as a fractional controller for NetSuite clients.  My current role was changed, so I’m ready to move on.  I would love to stay in the NetSuite realm, and more specifically as a consultant.  I’ve been looking and looking, but I’m finding that I do not have the minimum experience for what I would like to do, so believe I’m going to have to take somewhat of a step backwards and accept a role that’s not necessarily commensurate with my years of experience as a whole.

Wondering how other folks got into the consulting industry…and bonus if you know of anyone who might be hiring for a more junior level role and would be willing to train and provide opportunities for growth.

MeganL Rookie Asked on August 17, 2022 in Jobs.
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Hey Megan,

I might be too late to your posting, but in case you are still looking for NetSuite Consulting roles, Myers-Holum is expanding and I would enjoy the opportunity to connect with you to share additional details and learn more about your experience and areas of expertise.   Please feel free to reach out at your convenience and I will be looking forward to connecting with you soon.



Rookie Answered on January 19, 2023.
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