RE: Can you use a variable name for fieldId in Suitescript

Hi –  i want to use a variable for fieldid in my script (i.e. name change based upon values that are established.   Can this be done??

Here is sample.. I have tried writing the variable several ways.

function execute(scriptContext) {
var texty = ‘\’custitem’;
var testtext = ‘doe_jane’;
var texty3 = ‘\”;
var fieldname = texty.concat(testtext);
var fieldname = fieldname.concat(texty3);

log.debug(‘fieldname’, fieldname);

var itemfix = record.load({
type: record.Type.INVENTORY_ITEM,
id: 488,
isDynamic: false

var values = itemfix.getText({fieldId: fieldname});
var values2 = itemfix.getValue({fieldId: fieldname});
log.debug(‘values’, values);
log.debug(‘values’, values2);

var values3 = itemfix.getText({fieldId: fieldname.concat(texty3)});
var values4 = itemfix.getValue({fieldId: fieldname.concat(texty3)});
log.debug(‘values’, values3);
log.debug(‘values’, values4);

//itemfix.setText(fieldname, ‘thisisatest’);{
enableSourcing: true

happy2be Rookie Asked on May 25, 2023 in SuiteCloud.
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There is no need for extra quotes inside your strings, i.e. this will work just fine:

var texty = 'custitem';
var testtext = 'doe_jane';
var fieldname = texty + testtext;



Intermediate Answered on June 1, 2023.
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