RE: BxSlider issue with IE Browser

I am facing an issue with BxSlider in IE browser where the infinite loop isn’t getting triggered after the last slide and also the slider breaks by showing the slides one after the other. I am using Backbone js framework and loading the BxSlider Dynamically then to facing the same issue.

Please anyone can help me out with this issue.

this.bxslider = this.$('.bxslider').bxSlider({
    pager: isTouch ? true : false,
    infiniteLoop: true,
    adaptiveHeight: true,
     preloadImages: 'all',
     speed: 1000
darshakgosar Rookie Asked on October 8, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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Which version of SuiteCommerce are you using?



Rookie Answered on October 8, 2019.
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