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Hi All,

I am really struggling here, I have 400 inventory lines.

Some of the lines I have been trying to allocated stock qty to bins, however I cant seen to put stock into a location that has no previous location, so for example, I had 2 units with no bin assigned, I subsequently set up a bin for this so new stock received would go into the bin, but for the items  that were on inventory before the bin was assigned I just cant seem to get them put into the desired bin location. How so I do this, I have looked at the Bin Putaway Worksheet and again that will only allow me to move stock that was received into a bin and not stock without a previous bin allocation …. I have been pulling my hair out for weeks over this,

Pmj101 Rookie Asked on March 10, 2023 in Inventory.
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Here is a link to a similar post:

The best answer was “Turns out there were no missing bins after all. The solution was to disable “Use Bins” on any affected items, do an Inventory Adjustment to change the Locations quantity to whatever the bin quantity was (only the location quantity changes, not the bin quantity), then reenable “Use Bins” on the items and do another Inventory Adjustment with the opposite adjustment amounts as before.”

The likely cause of an issue like this is enabling “Use Bins” check box for items after inventory transactions have been completed.


Rookie Answered on March 13, 2023.
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