RE: Are address internal IDs unique?

When running a search for addresses and filtering for a particular internal ID, a different address than the one I had been viewing in the UI came back. I can confirm that both addresses have the same internal ID. (See search sample below)

require(['N/search'], function (search) {
var addressColumns = [











'type': 'address',

'columns': addressColumns,

'filters': [

['internalid', 'anyof', '15520']


}).run().each(function (result) {

var address = {

'address1': result.getValue('address1')




Are internal ID values for addresses not supposed to be unique?


Edit: The internal ID value I have been viewing in the UI is retrieved from addressinternalid in a customer search. I think this may be the cause, though I am still unsure as to why this value would not be equal to the address records internal ID.

ricky Rookie Asked on October 10, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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Addresses have two internal ids. One is named Address Internal Id, the other Internal Id. The address internal id is the id that is show in the ui (like on the customer record’s address sublist). The internal id can be found in the iframe url in the subrecord pencil icon used to edit subrecords. The internal id is what is used when setting values in suitescript.

I’ve only seen the 2 searchable on entity address joins. I believe that your search uses the internal id.

Advanced Answered on October 10, 2019.
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