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There has been much discussion throughout the community around the inability to search for historical messages in Slack due to our community being on the free version of Slack. The professional version, that allows for unlimited history viewing, is cost prohibitive for a community of our size.

The free version of Slack limits searching to 90 days, which often times leads to questions that have already been answered being asked several times. NetSuite Professionals has partnered with a third party that will allow our historical messages in Slack to be searchable and visible. Members can access this resource directly from the NetSuite Professionals website in the following ways:


I have been working closely with the developers of the tool for the past several months to improve the features included within the tool and will continue to work closely with them to introduce new features. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the tool please send them my way in Slack or via comments on the blog post. Thank you!

Kyle Kinder
Slack User: kyle

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