while using Client script 2.1 (pageInit,fieldChanged) as a backend script in suitelet 2.1, scriptContext doesn’t return a object

  • I’ve developed a suitelet 2.1 script and from that suitelet I’m calling Clientscript 2.1 script by using  form.clientScriptModulePath =“./clientscript.js”; to perform some operation in pageInit and fieldChanged functions of client script, but the scriptContext  object which I’m getting  in Suitescript 2.1  is differ from suitescript 2.0.
  • Client script 2.1 PageInit returns me  mode  (create/Edit) whereas  Client script 2.0 PageInit returns context object and
  • Client script 2.1 fieldChanged  returns me sublist ID and Client script 2.0 fieldChanged  returns context object

can anyone help to understand why we have that difference ? and also  any other option to get scriptContext as a object  in client script 2.1 ?

Rookie Asked on September 20, 2021 in SuiteCloud.
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