/s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. url Redirect


I’m actually running under Sitebuilder, and I have a little issue trying to redirect older non Descriptive URLS /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. to new URLS.

According Netsuite Help:


If you use Site Builder, you must enable the Descriptive URLs feature. You cannot redirect from Site Builder URL parameters such as, /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. You must use a descriptive URL such as /Product-Catalog/office-accessories.

I have a lot of pages (Around 4.000) indexed by Google with the /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. urls and I’m trying to redirect them to new Urls. .Htaccess is not working and common redirect via netsuite is not workin neither.

So my question are:

1-Is there any solution to redirect older /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. urls no new URL?

2-If I activate Descriptive URLs at the older /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. an say for example that I call it /product-new/ will start indexing automatically instead the /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. ? I don’t know If I explaining me properly…. I tried to convert the /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f. to /product-new/ descriptive URL and then redirect it to the NEW URL and the redirection between /product-new/ -> New URL works but not from /s.nl/sc.26/category.321802/.f -> New URL and I dont If netsuite will do this by itself.

Thanks for listening…

Rookie Asked on January 16, 2021 in How To's.
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