Request CyberSource Token Using NetSuite Payment Instruments


I have a client that wants to use payment tokens. They don’t want to store any card info on file for PCI compliance reasons. They use CyberSource as their gateway.

It looks like with the new Payment Instruments feature, you can set up a payment profile for a token on the customer record and use that to charge the card instead of storing card info. However, it doesn’t look like you can request a token from NetSuite. NetSuite said it has to be generated in CyberSource and copied and pasted into the NetSuite payment record.

For a call center that needs to process a payment real quick, that’s really impractical to have to log into CyberSource, generate a token, and copy and paste it into NetSuite. I’m shocked NetSuite doesn’t have a better answer given how many clients use CyberSource.

Has anyone else run into this? Is there a way to request a token directly from NetSuite?

Beginner Asked on July 16, 2020 in Administration.
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