Need an Item Search where Pricing level ID = X is NULL

Trying to to return a list of items where Shopify Product (custom field) = T and Shopify Price (Price Level) is empty. Was attempting to combine formulas from:


I was able to build a search with all my items returning with either their Shopify Price or NULL via Item search with:

Criteria > Shopify Product = T

Results > Formula (Currency) > Summary = Maximum | Formula A = CASE WHEN {}=115 THEN NVL({pricing.unitprice}, 0) END

Other info fields like SKU Summary = Group

The only items that are null in this results column are Item Groups (N/A to price level) and items where the Price is Empty. So I should be able to turn this into criteria, no?

Tried adding to it:

Criteria > Formula (Numeric) = IS EMPTY | Formula B = CASE WHEN {}=115 THEN NVL({pricing.unitprice}, 0) END

This returns a bunch of entries for items where the Formula (A) field Max of SFY Price in the results is empty, but I know they have a Shopify Price level value set. On the prior version of the search above, these items all returned 1 result line, with a value (not null), so I’m not sure why they’re returning as empty when I move the formula to the criteria.

I also tried

Criteria > Formula (Numeric) = IS EMPTY | Formula C = CASE WHEN {}=115 THEN {pricing.unitprice} ELSE NULL END

Criteria > Formula (Numeric) = 0 |Formula D = CASE WHEN {}=115 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

With the same results.

There seems to be some interaction in the criteria formulas for items that have another Price Level set, and not just ID = 115, and returning those as ‘True’ for the criteria formulas, even though {}=115 is not empty for the item; which isn’t happening when using a similar formula in the results. If someone has a suggestion to fix, or even a simpler way, I’d really appreciate it.

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